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Accra Storm Drainage Improvement Works – Phase I
Review of 9 storm drains in Accra, preparation of preliminary designs for Lafa drain and preparation of detailed designs and tender documents and supervision of construction of Mataheko and Onyasia/Dzorwulu drains, including preparation of EIA and RAP.
Accra Metropolitan Assembly
Accra Storm Drain Maintenance Programme
Preparation of Drain Inventory, Emergency Clean-up Plan, Drain Maintenance Organisation and Drain Maintenance Programme for the drains in the Accra Metropolitan Area, Bid Documents for maintenance and recommendation for organizational structure. Drain Inventory for all drain basins under the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the impact on flooding in the catchments within low lying areas. Recommendations for technical, institutional and financial requirements to improve operation and maintenance of the existing drainage systems.
Accra Metropolitan Assembly
Community Infrastructure Upgrading And Storm Drainage In Accra Project
Review of existing detailed design, preparing of EIA and RAP, preparation of, detailed design and tender documents for Mamponse community upgrading and the Chemu storm drain. Supervision of construction of the project. Lead consultant on the project was DHV International with Watertech Ltd. as an associate for the project.
Accra Metropolitan Assembly
Off-Site Drainage Study And Design Of Improvements To Complete The N1 EIA and Mitigate Potential Flooding Impacts Due To The N1 Road Improvement
Review of existing preliminary design, preparation of detailed design, tender documents for Off-Site Drainage Study and Design of Improvements to Complete the N1 EIA and Mitigate Potential Flooding Impacts due to the N1 Road Improvement. This project was part of the Upgrading of N1 Highway between Tetteh Quarshie Interchange and the Mallam Road Junction, Accra. Lead consultant on the project, was ICT – BANS Consult with Watertech Ltd. as Sub consultant.
Millennium Development Authority
Lafa and Onyasia Drainage Project
  • Preliminary Engineering Design of Lafa and Onyasia Drainage Channels
  • Overview of and insight into the adequacy of the available data on the Onyasia drain and Lafa drain
  • Demonstration of the technical feasibility of the project with finalized technical designs of the Onyasia drain and Lafa drain
  • Assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the project
  • Demonstration of the financial feasibility of the project
  • Demonstration of the long-term sustainability of the project
  • Prepation of the project for the implementation phase
Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
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  • Tiger
    Accra Drains Improvement Project.
  • Projects
    Water Supply Sector Rehabilitation Project
  • Butterfly
    Nsawam Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion Project.
  • Butterfly
    Onyasia and Mataheko Drains Construction.
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